The adventure that was Joost and living abroad is just about complete. As you might have noticed by the lack of posts, I have been busy. What else is new right? Well, this time I was busy because of the birth of our daughter in November, followed by the realization that we really are very used to living in California and could use the space our house in San Diego provides. Although, I loved running Operations at Joost and working with such a talented group of individuals, our personal lives have a calling for San Diego.

As I originally left DivX, I quit to spend some time with the girls and look into starting up something new, however, I ended up talking to Janus and Dirk-Willem about their new european based online television project that seemed like a once in a lifetime opportunity to move to Europe and experience the talent across the pond. An experience it certainly was. I have high hopes for how the project will progress. Having experience working with a 9 hour time difference when I started. It is clear that this is something I am unable to take on again. Regardless, the relocation would take a good 3 months to do properly and therefore it made a lot of sense to just move on. We have had discussions on doing some consulting from San Diego, but it is clear now that does not make sense either. Both Leiden and New York are simply too many timezones removed from California.

So, in December I gave notice to the company and have been moving ever since. Our container with household goods has made it to California, so once it clears U.S. Customs and we have unpacked it will be life like normal again. If you are a Southern California local, I am open to meeting up, however, I do not expect everything to be in full swing again until May. Meanwhile, I am happy to say that having all this time with the family has been a great experience that I would not have wanted to miss for the world.

Joost, I would like to thank you for a ride I will never forget, but now it is time to look towards a new adventure.