One of the interesting things about volunteer organizations during times of need such as the recent fires, is that they tend to go the extra mile. One such organization is SoCal FreeNet who was providing internet access via laptops and wireless APs at a different shelters such as the Del Mar Fairgrounds and Qualcomm stadium.

It even was supporting aid workers prior to FEMA arrived with bandwidth and even did so when all the other groups providing connectivity had shut down by 7 or 8PM. They have had just about anyone you could imagine use it from Evacuees, FEMA officials, red cross workers and the National Guard. People used the connectivity for just about everything from checking fire maps, evacuations, looking up phone numbers, checking e-mail and kids playing games.

It takes a lot of effort from volunteers to provide services like these to the public, especially with so many road closures and following the needs across the county. It is amazing to me what some good will can provide to people in need.

If you are interested in helping to provide connectivity where it is needed most, please visit SoCal FreeNet's volunteer section and see how you can help.