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While we have been deploying more sites and scaling up our software, the content team has been doing a great job getting all of us some great new content.

We also have this concept of Joost Links that allows you to easily share shows with others. As we have added some pretty neat stuff, I figured I would point you to some of my favorite shows on Joost. Do keep in mind that not all shows are available in all regions. Unfortunately, we are still in a world where content is ruled by contracts per region, so even if Joost secures the rights for a piece of content it may still be restricted. The content owners may have sold the rights to someone else for a particular region and therefore are not able to offer the content in that region.

Anyways, download Joost and check out some of the content listed below:

If you are looking for some new backgrounds to grace your monitor or laptop then, do not forget to check out the goodies available on the Joost site. It has been a crazy amount of work getting all of this in place. I truly hope you enjoy Joost and please provide us (or me directly) with your feedback. We would love to hear what you think.