Happy New Year!

Thanks to a lot of hard work throughout this holiday season, we are now sending a big chunk of our Long Tail Storage cluster traffic from the new and primary datacenter in Luxembourg. We also recently released 0.7.2 which has fixes and adds support for the new datacenter. Colm MacCarthaigh made an excellent post on our corporate blog describing the launch, so I won't go into it here. It is not as redundant and setup as we like, but it is far enough along to where serving from Luxembourg made sense. I personally would like to thank the Operations team and everyone who lended a helping hand for making this happen.

With the launch of LUX, expect invitation tokens to be handed out to current beta testers while we expand the private beta to more individuals. Do keep in mind that this is just one datacenter of many that we will launch around the world during the upcoming year. Things are scaling and more stable every day, but we are still a startup that has lot of growing to do. I am very excited to have reached this milestone, though and I look forward to increasing capacity and redundancy during this new year.

LUX Bandwidth at launch