Work and code

Boy has it been good being back in San Diego. I get to code from my own home on my own Aeron Chair. It took a little cleaning up and getting my head back into code. Things are still very busy, but I am starting to feel much better about a lot of things.

ApacheCon 2001

I just recently turned in my ApacheCon paper that talks about how to deliver audio over the net and how it integrates with the Apache HTTPD. It is a pretty basic level paper, but a good recap of what is going on and documents some of the stuff that I have always wanted people had documented. It wasn't the best paper written, in some sense it was a rush job, but still had has some nice jewels in there for those not too familiar with the audio streaming scene.


I haven't had much time to work on other things. I just got a new Ultra 10 at the home office now, but I haven't even turned it on yet. Too many things to play with and soo little motivated time.

I still haven't found anyone to move into my NorthPoint studio in North Beach, San Francisco and I will never find any time to work on some of my organizing projects and catagorization of things around the house.