I have recently discovered the Recent Log and now read that on a semi regular basis to see what is going on in this world. It is a great way to find new people and see what they are spending their time on. I have been doing a lot of research and reading of ISO and IETF documents lately. It is always good to keep up on internet drafts especially those that you might not find later cause they do not become RFCs. I have been refreshing my memory and learning new technologies. It has been fun. I just can't wait to get my hands dirty again in coding. I have also been looking at the Apache 2.0 build/configure infrastructure and try to rebuild the -srcdir and --shadow flags. The problem is related to dependancies on apr and apr-util which can only be defined with --with-apr which does seperate the source from the object and generated files. I enjoy keeping these seperate in most of my projects and I am kinda bummed that it doesn't work right now. On a related note, my ApacheCon 2001 talk got accepted. So this means I will be giving people pretty basic introduction to how to configure apache to make it suitable for Audio downloading, streaming, semi-streaming etc. Quite different from my past talks, but change is good. I spend the last weekend at home in San Diego with my girlfriend. We spend most of sunday hanging out along the beach by our home. It was really a perfect time, well except the fact that our digital camera ran out of batteries. I also spend a good amount of time hitting up different record shops and building out my vinyl collection and some more rare stuff on CDs. I have been spinning roughly about 3 hours each day that weekend and hopefully I didn't annoy our upstairs neighbors too much. Online Audio/P2P Out of the online audio space and especially napster we find ourselves in this new Peer-2-Peer craze. To a point where O'Reilly actually has a conference and website about this. The idea to me is more like IRC turned WEB. Things like IMs like Jabber and the like. So if P2P is really getting this popular, the next step would be to make global DAP type services to "hook up" people with shared interests. The Register has Microsoft preps Napster clone, which definately makes you wonder where this idea will end up. In an Interview, Lawrence Lessig states an obvious but valid point. "But now the real danger is that the recording industry has succeeded in its objective, which as Hillary Rosen (president and CEO of the Recording Industry Association of America) said, is to guarantee that no venture capitalist invests money in new modes of distribution unless Hollywood signs off. Well, that's to reinforce an old model of creativity that I think the Internet has the opportunity to destroy. " This might partially be catalyzed by the financial hit, but still the big five might get their way in retaining their power to stay in the old fashioned way of thinking. So much for revolutionizing the way we do things.